As a pawparent to a Bengal and sphynx, I understand how important food is for them. I realise that what goes into the food they eat affects them in ways we may not know. That’s where I began to do intense research online and also speaking to other pawparents. There’s where I met Mr Khan. He’s deep understanding of food for our furbabies led me to his page on facebook, Wild, Raw & Proud of it. He educated me on the PMR food for my furbabies and even taught me how to transition them to it smoothly and properly. Now, my furbabies are so in love with the PMR food he makes and just can’t get enough of it. Also, I’ve noticed a steep improvement to my babies health and their fur has gotten a nice shimmer to it. Indeed, the food our furbabies consume, makes a very very big difference not only to their health, but also to their overall wellbeing. Thank you so much Mr Khan for sharing with me those valuable knowledge. I will keep on ordering from you. Last but not least, I encourage all pawparents to give your furbabies the PMR food from Wild, Raw and Proud of it. You will definitely see the improvements. Cheers!