Introduction to Wild, Raw & Proud of It®

In a world where almost all pet owners have lost sight of the true dietary needs of our feline companions, I embarked on a mission born out of love and concern. My journey began with a simple yet profound realization – cats are obligate carnivores.


Hi there, I’m Khan.

Here’s how I founded Wild Raw & Proud of it®, a premium cat food brand enveloped around the idea of feeding your felines their nutritious species appropriate food, so both your cats and you, can enjoy the endless benefits that come with it.

What this means is essentially we should be putting them on a raw diet, carefully crafted for cats, instead of feeding them the typical wet cat food or even dry kibbles.

With 7 purebred pedigree cats, there is no way I was going to allow myself to join the rest of the world as a statistic like this. As the saying goes… “only dead fish go with the flow”


Driven by my passion for feline well-being, I couldn’t stand by and watch as the commercial pet food industry flooded the market with their highly processed wet cat foods, laced with totally poor and artificial ingredients!

This absolutely goes against the raw diet for cats which they need and are designed by nature to consume!

Nowadays, it is a norm to feed your felines with wet cat foods picked up from the supermarket, or the minimart just downstairs!

While this may be convenient, it spreads incorrect and bias information about feline nutrition like wildfire! It subconsciously inculcates poor habits and discipline unto you, the pawrent

This unfortunately happens even in the raw feeding world, but more on this in the subsequent articles

My purpose became clear, to help, educate and advocate all cat owners who seek to provide their feline family members with a diet that TRULY nourishes their bodies. (Yes, i’m talking about raw cat food¹.)

If you’re one of the cat owners who bought into the idea of wet cat food, because of “convenience”, then the next 2 minutes is BOUND to change your perspective.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of helping countless cat owners who shared our concerns and more. Their stories of transformation, from lethargic and unwell felines to vibrant thriving companions, inspire me every day to keep going.

(Even cats with UTI, IBD, Allergy concerns and heavy shedding of fur. We’re proud and happy to have been able to serve these customers and to help in their situation)

“Yes Khan, I know about raw cat food¹, why a raw diet for cats is good, and that I should stop feeding wet and canned cat food. I already get mine from ANOTHER supplier.”


Read this.

What sets me apart from the rest is my unwavering commitment to premium top quality and purity. Whilst others in the market claim to offer “raw diet for cats” or some even as “qualified nutritionists”, they will always, ALWAYS resort to adding a myriad of agents, diluting the essence of raw feeding.

Virtually all of which, cause harm in the long run to YOUR cat. What’s the point of feeding raw cat food¹, doing all that research to hop off wet cat food, only to feed them something that just isn’t the best??

I’m proud to be the pioneer who has mastered the art of creating a complete and balanced raw diet for cats WITHOUT compromise, and WITHOUT the need for any such “agents”, keeping the food absolutely clean, pure and true to the nature of an obligate carnivore.

The commercial pet food industry has created a web of misinformation, brainwashing countless well-intentioned pet owners. Feeding raw is not just a trend; it’s a return to nature, an embrace of what cats are created to thrive on for centuries.

Funny that no one questions their own thought process when seeing big cats still being fed raw at the zoos! (You don’t see them plopping a plate of wet cat food to the tigers.)


When you choose “Wild, Raw & Proud of It®”, you’re choosing uncompromising quality, unparalleled expertise, and a deep-seated commitment to feline health. You get my complete, balanced and nutritious artisanal raw cat food¹ diet which is METICULOUSLY crafted to a surgical precision to honour your cat’s true nature, providing the nutrition they deserve, without compromise.

In a world where the pet food industry tycoons have successfully led you astray, I stand firm. 

Unwavering in my dedication towards feline nutrition, and this raw diet for cats.

The evidence and logic precede every scientific jargon.

Join me, in this journey towards a healthier, happier life for your beloved cats.

Choose “Wild, Raw & Proud of It®” – where purity meets passion, and your cat’s well-being is our ultimate mission.

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1 “Raw Cat Food” strictly refers to only those produced by Wild, Raw & Proud of It®. Where we do not employ the use of ANYTHING ELSE to have the raw complete, balanced and nutritious, and where the food is all made, FRESH, never frozen.

2 In the realm of raw cat food options, it’s worth noting that some sellers offer products that should raise questions about the purity of a truly raw diet. They incorporate various additives like boosters, salt, supplements, spirulina, coconut oil, psyllium husk, milk thistle, eggshells, and calcium powders as substitutes for real bone, pre and probiotics, fruits, and vegetables, among others. It is rather intriguing that these products are sometimes recommended or formulated by individuals claiming to be “certified animal nutritionists.”

3Additionally, there are variants termed as “gently cooked” or “sous vide,” which absolutely deviate from the essence of raw feeding. The term “raw cat food” in such cases appears stretched, and should leave one, especially a well-informed one, to ponder the authenticity of such concoctions. It’s essential to approach these options with due consideration for your pet’s well-being.